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Abortion Services & Procedure in Somerset, New Jersey

At Abortion Care, we offer safe abortion procedures and services in a confidential and trusting environment. Your requests and needs are always respected at our abortion office.
Doctor talking to patient - Abortion Procedures in Somerset, New Jersey

Abortion Care

When you arrive, we will have some medical forms for you to fill out. Once completed, we will then determine how long you have been pregnant with an ultrasound.

After your ultrasound, one of our staff members will then explain the procedure to you, what to expect after the procedure is over and discuss future birth control options. Our counseling is done on an individual basis, we do not counsel in a group because we want to give you freedom to discuss any issues or concerns relating to your abortion.

The abortion procedure takes place in an exam room. One of our female assistants will be in the room with you to talk with you and comfort you.

When the procedure is complete, you will rest in the exam room the procedure took place in.
After the procedure, you will have a private consultation with the physician and answer any questions or concerns you may have. We recommend you return in 2 weeks to ensure you have healed properly and to go over birth control options.
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