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Gynecological care focuses on a woman’s specific health care needs through the various stages of her reproductive life. It begins with the start of menstruation in adolescence, continues through the childbearing years of early adulthood, and extends through menopause in late middle age. The top-rated team of board-certified gynecologists at GYN Choices in East Brunswick, New Jersey are proud to provide comprehensive gynecological care for women of all ages, including adolescents. To learn more or make an appointment, call the office today.

Gynecology Q & A

What services do gynecologists offer?

The team of physicians at GYN Choices of Central Jersey treat a wide variety of medical conditions, provide preventive health screenings, manage prenatal care, and perform surgery.

On any given day in the office, the gynecologists at GYN Choices of Central Jersey may carry out a well-woman exam, investigate a gynecologic problem, and provide family planning, fertility, and contraception counseling. They routinely evaluate, diagnose, and treat:

  • Abnormal uterine bleeding
  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Abnormal Pap results
  • Endometriosis and uterine fibroids
  • Polycystic ovaries (PCOS)
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Acute and Chronic Vaginitis
  • Vulvadynia

The team at GYN Choices of Central Jersey offers a full range of minor, in-office procedures, including colposcopies, endometrial and vulvar biopsies, and tubal ligation surgery.

Because they strive to deliver comprehensive care that’s both personal and convenient, GYN Choices of Central Jersey is AIUM-accredited to provide in-office ultrasound imaging.

Whether you require routine ultrasounds to monitor your baby’s development throughout your pregnancy or you have a chronic pelvic pain that requires prompt diagnosis, having access to on-site ultrasound imaging means fewer appointments for you and timely treatment.

What Our Patients Have to Say

"Dr. White was my obgyn for my second child. We were very happy with the overall experience. He is very thorough and nothing beats his experience in the field. We had to choose between some difficult diagnostic options during my pregnancy and the doctor was very supportive throughout the process.
I would have to make a special mention about his staff, they are always very welcoming and helpful. They would not hesitate to go out of their way to help their patients. Definitely recommend!"

What should I expect during my first appointment with the gynecologist?

We understand that your first visit to a gynecologist can be intimidating, especially if you aren’t sure what to expect. Often, the first visit revolves around a consultation and discussion of a patient’s medical history. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions! For example, your gynecologist may gather information such as the following:

  • Details about the regularity of your menstrual cycle.
  • The duration and severity of menstrual cramps.
  • Your sexual activity and use of birth control.
  • Vaginal health issues, such as itching.

Our patients can feel comfortable discussing their feminine and intimate health with their doctor. Information remains confidential. Patients must also understand that our objective in asking so many questions is to get to know their gynecological and family planning needs. The better we know each patient’s lifestyle and medical history, the more equipped we are to offer the utmost care. 

Your first visit to our gynecology practice may or may not include various screenings. You can expect a nurse or doctor to check your heart rate, blood pressure, and weight. If you are sexually active, the doctor may recommend having lab work done to screen for sexually transmitted infections. While a general physical exam and external genital exam  is the norm, not all patients need a pelvic exam and Pap smear at their first visit. 

If your doctor recommends a pelvic exam and Pap smear to screen for cervical cancer, and you feel comfortable having these exams at your first visit, they will explain to you exactly what the exams involve. If you have any questions, ask! Your comfort is important to us!

How should I prepare for my Gynecology appointment?

You need not do anything special to prepare for our gynecology appointment. For optimal comfort, we suggest scheduling visits in the middle of your menstrual cycle, not when you are menstruating. Also, avoid the following for the 2 days before your exam:

  • Sexual intercourse
  • Inserting anything into the vagina (tampons, etc.)
  • Vaginal creams or powders
  • Douche

It is not necessary to shave or trim pelvic hair before seeing the gynecologist. Remember, your doctor sees hundreds of patients a month. They have seen countless grooming trends, from no hair at all to full pubic hair; it’s all normal to us.

What are the benefits of well-woman care?

During your annual well-woman visit, you have an opportunity to sit and talk with your gynecologist about your medical history, current concerns, and future health goals.

The exam portion of your annual well-woman visit covers your general health, as well as any recommended screenings based on your age and medical history. This may include having a bone density screening for osteoporosis, a mammogram to check for breast cancer, or a Pap test to screen for cervical cancer.

After your exam, you may discuss your future health goals. Whether you’d like to achieve a healthy body weight, you’re planning to conceive, or you’re interested in learning how to manage your menopause symptoms, your gynecologist at GYN Choices of Central Jersey can give you the advice and tools you need to reach your personal health goals.

How Will my gynecology appointment change after I become pregnant?

Once a woman becomes pregnant, the primary objective of her healthcare is to track fetal development. Care also shifts to the mother’s health needs as she progresses through her pregnancy. In this instance, the OBGYN discusses necessary screenings, medications, and lifestyle changes that promote optimal health. From about 8-weeks into her pregnancy until she reaches week 30, a woman may see her OBGYN once a month. At certain times, various screenings are performed, such as ultrasound and blood tests. At each visit, the doctor discusses fetal growth, fully explains tests that are recommended at that time, and answers questions that may have come up since the previous visit.

When should adolescents first visit a gynecologist?

As girls become adolescents, their annual wellness appointments should begin to include routine gynecological care. Most girls should have their first visit with a gynecologist when they are planning or are sexually active.

A girl’s first visit to the gynecologist touches on a variety of essential topics, including good health habits and why gynecology is an integral part of routine preventive care.

Besides receiving accurate information about sex, sexuality, menstruation, and puberty, early gynecological care helps educate adolescent girls on how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases as well as unplanned pregnancy.

The exam portion of the visit typically includes a general physical, breast exam, and external genital exam. Most girls don’t require a pelvic exam until they reach the age of 21.

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