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What should I consider when thinking about abortion?

With today’s focus on abortion laws and rights, it is more important than ever to have open and honest conversations with your doctor when considering an abortion. At GYN Choices, we understand how difficult of a decision this can be, and we want you to consider all your options, so you feel comfortable with the choices you made. We work routinely with women in the East Brunswick, NJ area who are thinking about terminating their pregnancy and can educate them on solutions and when an abortion might be in their best interests. We also discuss some questions that you may want to consider before you visit our office.

What are some things I should think about before getting an abortion?

There are a few things to consider before getting an abortion. Below are just a few questions we may ask you when you visit our practice requesting an abortion:

  • Are you ready to parent a child? If you feel like you are not ready or would not be able to provide a good home for a child through adoption, then abortion may be the best option for you.
  • Can you afford to raise a child? Are you already struggling to make ends meet on your own? If finances are a concern, abortion might be appropriate.
  • Emotional and mental health. What is your emotional health like? Are you in a good place both mentally and emotionally to handle the stress of raising a child? Do you experience depression and anxiety that might worsen through pregnancy or post-pregnancy? This discussion can also occur with your doctor, who provides medication and therapy for depression and having an open, honest discussion about these concerns can help.
  • Medical concerns. Some women with certain medical conditions or risks may pass these on to their children, or it may impact their ability to complete a pregnancy.

How do I learn more about abortion options?

At GYN Choices, we understand the difficulty in making the decision to terminate a pregnancy. We are a judgment-free zone open to patients in and around the East Brunswick, NJ area who are in a position to decide to continue or stop their pregnancy. We welcome new and current patients to contact our office by calling 732-698-1115 to request a consultation visit and appointment with our doctors to discuss your needs.

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