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Understanding gonorrhea

Practicing safe sex is not only important to avoid pregnancy, but to avoid the passing of sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs. Many STDs that are present in individuals can be passed to other sexual partners, making it important to proactively protect against them. This includes STD prevention methods such as condoms, dental dams, vaccinations, and abstinence. Certain STDs, such as gonorrhea, can be easily treated with the assistance of our team at GYN Choices. 

What is gonorrhea? 

Gonorrhea is one of many sexually transmitted diseases that can be screened during STD testing at GYN Choices in East Brunswick, NJ. Some of the symptoms of gonorrhea include: 

  •         Changes in vaginal discharge
  •         Yellow or green discharge from the vagina
  •         Strong smell of discharge
  •         Pain or burning sensation when urinating
  •         Discharge or irritation from the anus

Some patients who have gonorrhea don’t experience any symptoms, which is why regular STD testing is encouraged when patients are sexually active with new partners. Patients will often experience symptoms up to two weeks after exposure, and is more noticeable in men than women. 

Treatment of gonorrhea 

Gonorrhea is one of the most easily transmitted diseases, but also simple to cure. It is best addressed with antibiotics. This may be administered in an injection, liquid form, or an oral medication. Patients who have allergies to any antibiotics will want to ensure that their doctor is informed before starting treatment. Without treatment, this condition can cause serious and potentially permanent issues including infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease, meningitis, or septicemia. 

What other STDs can be screened? 

Other STDs such as chlamydia, herpes, syphilis, and AIDS can be screened at GYN Choices for patients who request them. We encourage patients who are sexually active with multiple partners to be screened regularly for STDs to avoid passing them onto other partners. This is incredibly important in stopping the cycle common in sexually transmitted diseases. 

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STD testing is readily available for new and established patients of GYN Choices in East Brunswick, NJ. Call (732) 698-1115 to schedule a consultation visit and request STD testing services from our professionals. Our office is conveniently located at 281 Summerhill Road and provides quality care for our patients in a discreet and comfortable facility.  

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