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Twelve contraception options for women to consider for preventing pregnancy

Women of the East Brunswick, NJ area who are considering their options for birth control might be confused as to the many options available to them. At GYN Choices, we are here to educate women on contraception choices that can be obtained to prevent or reduce the risk of pregnancy with sexual intercourse. Our team understands that many women are uneasy talking to a professional about their sexual and reproductive health, but these conversations are important to have if you are sexually active. Finding a contraception that is appropriate for your unique needs is easy with the assistance of our team at GYN Choices. 

Why might I choose contraception? 

The idea of contraception is to avoid pregnancy. This may be because a woman is not ready ot have children, or chooses to no longer have children after starting a family. The choice to use birth control is a personal one and needs to be made by the woman herself. 

What are some of the contraception options available? 

Below are twelve ways in which women can prevent pregnancy: 

  •         Permanent birth control
  •         Intrauterine device (IUD)
  •         Implant
  •         Injections
  •         Vaginal rings
  •         Patches
  •         Birth control pill
  •         Condoms
  •         Emergency contraception
  •         Spermicide
  •         Fertility awareness/natural family planning
  •         Withdrawal or pull-out method during intercourse

Which one is right for me? 

At GYN Choices, we understand that choosing a birth control may be overwhelming as there are several choices. With information on your medical history and your lifestyle, our providers can make proper recommendations of one or more contraception option. For example, women might have an IUD placed but also use condoms, spermicide, or the pull-out method for optimum protection. It is vital that women also understand their risks when it comes to sexually transmitted disease and understand that most birth control options are designed to prevent pregnancies, not STDs. 

Ready to discuss contraception options for yourself? 

Speaking to a professional is the best way to get the information you need to find the best option for your needs. At GYN Choices of East Brunswick, NJ, patients can get a full assessment and speak to a knowledgeable doctor about the contraception appropriate for their unique needs. The office is located at 281 Summerhill Road and can be reached by calling (732) 698-1115 to schedule an appointment.

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