Start the New Year Off Strong With Your Annual Well Woman Visit

Another year has passed, and that means plenty of New Year's resolutions. It should also mean an annual checkup. A well woman visit can be a great way to start your year off strong and make sure you're in good health. Your visit is also a great time to go over any concerns you have, including things like contraception. 

At Abortion Care in Somerset, New Jersey, all of our gynecologists are board-certified and guaranteed to give you the care you need. Along with basic checkups and preventive care, we also offer complete understanding and thoughtful insight on whatever concerns you might have about your health. 

What does a well woman visit include? 

Your check-up might vary depending on what you need. Your doctor will go over your medical and sexual history with you, and review your dietary, exercise, and sleeping habits as well. Then, your doctor will determine what tests you need done for the year. 

These tests might include: 

If you have concerns about your health, you can bring them up with your OB/GYN and have them addressed during your visit. If you aren't sure what to ask about, here are a few things that you should consider mentioning during your check-up. 

How can a wellness visit boost my new year? 

A wellness visit is a cornerstone of preventive care. It is a chance to check on your health and address any concerns you might have. If there are any abnormalities with your pap smear, mammogram, or STD tests, you can have them addressed as soon as possible. Early detection can prevent serious issues in the long run. 

Many women have trouble bringing up certain issues with their family doctor, and might not visit the gynecologist as often as they should. An annual well-woman visit solves this problem by creating a tradition of good health. Every year that you receive a wellness check is another year that you practiced responsibility for your health. 

Are you ready for your wellness check? Abortion Care can provide all the necessary tests, and the clinic is staffed with an entire team of trained gynecologists. To schedule your well woman visit, you can call 732-408-6182 or contact us online

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