How to Emotionally Recover After an Abortion

selfcareafterabortion The idea that women do not feel anything after an abortion is a horrible, damaging stigma. Getting an abortion may have been an easy choice for you, or you may have wrestled with the decision up until the day it occurred. In either case, there is a wave of emotions that women go through after abortion that can be difficult to cope with.

There is no timeline for grief and depression. You are allowed to hurt and mourn an abortion even if it’s been years since your procedure. In this post, we will look closer at how you can begin healing and moving forward.

Give Yourself Permission to Grieve 

Women who undergo an abortion have an increased risk of depression. In fact, research shows that women are81% more likely to struggle with depression and anxiety after an abortion.

The circumstances surrounding your abortion can also make it much more difficult to cope with. You may be dealing with additional loss and trauma that further complicate your emotions surrounding the decision to terminate your pregnancy.

Know that you are allowed to hurt and grieve, even if you wanted to get an abortion.

Seek Therapy

You may find yourself struggling with depression, worrying about ever having children in the future, and feeling guilty over not carrying the baby to term. You could also find yourself feeling numb, emotionally detached, and the desire to withdraw from people around you.

Recognize that these feelings are normal, and they are able to be treated with the support of a licensed mental health professional. In fact, speaking to a therapist can be one of the best ways to emotionally heal from an abortion and anything else linked to it.

Take Care of Yourself Physically 

Physical wellbeing is always important, but your exercise, diet, and sleeping habits matter even more following an abortion. You may be dealing with post-abortion symptoms, like cramping and pain. Additional rest and support are essential to help you start feeling like yourself again.

Make sure to follow the aftercare suggestions your doctor provides and follow up with your gynecologist for additional support after your abortion.

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