How Abortion Can Impact Your Mental Health

Despite the ongoing debate about abortion rights in the U.S., Abortion Care in Somerset, New Jersey remains dedicated to providing adequate care for women who seek abortions, and that includes helping women cope with mental health effects of the decision. In this article, learn how abortion can impact your mental health, how to cope, and how to weigh your options. 

How does abortion affect mental health? 

According to the American Pregnancy Association, abortion can cause the following responses:

Receiving an abortion may also trigger insomnia or other sleep disorders, eating disorders, or suicidal thoughts. Some women, including women who were forced or coerced to get an abortion, may be more prone to experiencing mental health complications.

However, some research indicates that an abortion does not increase a woman’s risk for mental health complications over the long-term, and that being denied an abortion can actually cause more emotional distress than receiving an abortion. 

Everyone responds to such a procedure differently, and, no matter what, the potential emotions and conditions caused by an abortion should not be taken lightly. 

How to cope with an abortion 

If you find yourself emotionally or mentally distressed about an abortion (either before or after the procedure), learning how to cope is critical to protecting your mental health. 

Talk to someone you trust

Find a friend, family member, coworker, or anyone else who can help you navigate these waters. Sometimes, confiding in a trusted friend is all you need. 

Don’t isolate yourself

Although you may feel tempted to withdraw from family and friends, try to stay connected to people who can offer you support. Isolation may only amplify your feelings in a negative way.

Get help from a professional

Big decisions like this feel overwhelming and stressful. A mental health professional can help guide you through this profound life event. 

Don’t allow people to pressure you

As with many life situations, you may feel pressure from friends, family, or a partner to choose one way or the other. Remember that an abortion is ultimately your choice and yours alone, as you will be the one held responsible for it.

Evaluate your situation

Often, a woman does not want an abortion but knows that keeping and raising a child isn’t the best option. If that sounds like you, perhaps you have other options. Evaluate your scenario to identify potential solutions, such as adoption. 

Get the best care

If you do decide to go through with an abortion, you deserve the best care possible. Seek a provider that understands you and your situation, like the experts at Abortion Care in Somerset. 

Understanding your options

If you are dealing with an unintended pregnancy and find yourself getting stressed, anxious, depressed, or otherwise emotionally uncomfortable at the thought of an abortion, you should talk to a doctor about your options. 

While abortion remains a choice, you may wish to consider adoption or starting a family. A mental health professional can help guide you through the possibilities, while a gynecologist or obstetrician can help you better understand pregnancy, delivery, and family planning

To learn more about any of these options, call Abortion Care at 732-408-6182 to schedule an appointment with one of our OB/GYNs today.

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