5 Services that Will Be Provided to You with Family Planning

To ensure you get to make the family planning decisions that best meet your physical and emotional needs, you need to know your options. Our team at Abortion Care offers comprehensive and confidential family planning services to keep you in control of factors like:

There’s also the important decision to make regarding the follow through of a pregnancy. The staff offers compassionate guidance and resources to help you make the most informed decision possible through their family planning services.

What to expect from family planning services

There are 5 primary areas involved in family planning. Each can help you determine how to prepare for starting your family or guide you through your options when a family isn’t right for you.

1. Birth control consultation

A common option for controlling the time of conception or preventing unwanted pregnancies is birth control.There are a variety of birth control types and methods on today’s market, so it’s critical that you have an experienced physician help you find the right one for your needs.

You can choose from all of the most common types of birth control, including:

If you’re not planning to have children, you also have the option to choose permanent birth control, such a tubal ligation, which eliminates your chances of becoming pregnant.

2. Preconception counseling

Whether or not your future plans include children of your own, preconception counseling is an important part of protecting your reproductive and overall health.

Services you can expect as part of preconception counseling include a discussion of your family planning desires, but also covers other important factors, such as:

The staff also reviews your lifestyle habits, including diet and exercise, to ensure both your body and your environment are healthy enough for a pregnancy when you’re ready to conceive. You can also begin taking supplements, such as folic acid, to get your body ready to sustain a healthy pregnancy.

3. Infertility evaluation and care

When you want to have children but struggle to become pregnant, infertility evaluations are available to identify and potentially treat the root cause of your issue.

We offer diagnostic services that can uncover medical conditions, such as endometriosis, that may interfere with your ability to get pregnant.

You can also receive resources and guidance for lifestyle changes, medical treatments, and other services to help increase your chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy.

4. Prenatal and obstetric care

When you do conceive, you can receive fast and accurate test results confirming your pregnancy. From the earliest stages, family planning services can ensure you and your growing baby are developing on schedule and are healthy.

Throughout your pregnancy, you can enjoy the convenience of checkups on a schedule that fits your needs, with our team monitoring your pregnancy every step of the way.

You can also rely on our guidance to prepare yourself for labor and childbirth through ongoing and comprehensive obstetrics care.

5. Early pregnancy termination

For women who are facing an unexpected pregnancy, the decision to move forward is difficult. After a thorough discussion of your situation and your family planning desires, you have the opportunity to safely terminate the pregnancy through a first-trimester abortion, either surgically or by using prescription medications.

There are many reasons that carrying a pregnancy to term is not a viable option, and with our guidance and support, you can come to a decision on your own terms. Early termination services are also available out of medical necessity, when a pregnancy is putting your life at risk.

To learn more about all of the family planning options available to you, schedule a consultation today. Call our office in Somerset, New Jersey, or click the button to get started online.

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