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Understanding gonorrhea

Practicing safe sex is not only important to avoid pregnancy, but to avoid the passing of sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs. Many STDs that are present in individuals can be passed to other sexual partners, making it important to proactively protect against them. This includes STD prevention methods such as condoms, dental dams, vaccinations, and …

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Abortion options at GYN Choices

Choosing to terminate a pregnancy with abortion is a difficult decision for anyone to make, but working with a team that understands your choice is key to accepting the process. At GYN Choices in East Brunswick, NJ, we work with women who are interested in abortion and help walk them through the process. The type …

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Choose family planning

Not every woman feels fit for motherhood. While some women do, but want to limit the size of their family. In situations such as this, East Brunswick area women can work with GYN Choices to learn more about family planning. Family planning is a decision-making process where women can choose when to or when not …

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Why are pap smears important?

At GYN Choices, we provide women’s reproductive health services, including routine pap smears. Pap smears are screening tests that are used by professionals to identify any suspicious cells in the cervix that could indicate precancerous conditions or cancer. Some women find this test uncomfortable, but it is vital that they have it performed routinely to …

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GYN Choices offers effective and discrete STD testing

Studies continue to show the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and infections, called STD, throughout the United States. They can be easily spread between people when proper precautions are not taken and the condition has not been properly treated. Many STDs have unique symptoms that can make everyday activities uncomfortable. If you have reason to …

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What is the purpose of a pap smear?

When it comes to maintaining overall health and wellness, it is important for patients to have a series of screenings and evaluations done on a regular basis. Women’s reproductive health is also essential, and certain screenings can be performed to ensure patients are not dealing with hidden problems such as cancer. One test that can …

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